How to Travel for Free : Free Travel Tips

Everybody wants to travel for free. Not budget travel, low-cost, or shoestring travel. Free travel. Here we’ll discuss just five ways you can travel around the world for free. The most important thing to remember when you’re thinking up ways to incorporate free travel in your life is creativity. With a creative, open mind you’ll be able to find opportunities and chances to travel to amazing, exotic places that the average traveler will never see.

Topping our list is the best job in the world where you won’t just be able to travel to and live on Australia’s Great Barrier Reef for free, you’ll get paid for it. Don’t believe you can get paid to travel for free to Australia?

How to Travel for Free

Finding Free Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance is usually given by a travel agent as part of the travel package that a traveler buys. Some travel companies give travel deals for holidays and add travel insurance for free. Free vacation travel insurance is a valuable part of a travel package deal because it covers unforeseen emergencies which may cost an uninsured traveler a lot of money.

Free traveler’s insurance or cheap travel insurance is a protection against the possibility of a travel mishap. They are comprehensive policies that cover medical expenses, baggage loss, car rental, and car damage. Some travelers prefer to carry a standalone travel medical insurance and some travel companies offer free travel medical insurance along with the travel package. Some travel companies also give free trip cancellation insurance with the travel package. Travel insurance premiums can be expensive. It is important to look for a vacation travel package that gives free travel insurance.

To get the best free travel insurance deal that covers all possible emergencies, you need to shop for free travel insurance online. There are many quote engines that give travel package deals that offer quotes for free travel insurance.

The Avenues of Free Travel Opportunities

Opportunities for free travel are available in the form of free volunteer travel opportunities, free employment travel opportunities, and free windfall travel opportunities. If you are bitten by the travel bug but can’t afford to travel, you must learn how to find free travel opportunities.

These travel free opportunities come in the form of government and other sponsored opportunities to volunteer for free. You need special skills to make yourself useful if you want to seize opportunities for traveling for free by volunteering.  Teaching English, farm work, conservation, medical and dental help are skills that are generally required in volunteer programs. You should be prepared to adjust to a different culture and a different social atmosphere in these travel free opportunities for volunteers.

Free travel job opportunities are available on cruise ships, ski resorts, and hotels. These employers will pay for your airfare and you will then have to work in a country and enjoy traveling around when you are off work. Many travelers find the idea of working in the hospitality industry and earning while traveling an interesting and fruitful way of traveling.

Free Travel Tips

Recording Travel Experiences Through a Free Travel Blog

Free travel blogging helps the traveler to share and chart the course of his or her travels. Many travelers use a travel blog to keep a record of their journey. Free online travel blog sites have replaced the old world diary where travelers wrote accounts of their travels. These free travel blogs help family or friends of the traveler use the blog to travel free with the blogger virtually.

There are places on the internet where the traveler can post free adventure travel blogs, free international travel blogs, free Europe travel blogs, free Hawaii blogs or any other blog about the place or places that the bloggers cover in his travels. Some blogs are destination-specific while others welcome blog posts from any destination.

Getting Guidance from Free Travel Guides

Free travel guides for traveling help a traveler get a preview of a place when he or she ventures into unknown territory Guides for free travel are found focused on specific places and serve as a guiding light for travelers with regard to the dos and don’ts in their holiday destination.

The advent of the internet has given the traveler the opportunity to find free travel guides online. When the traveler learns how to find free travel guides online, he or she does not have to grope in the dark to find the ideal travel destination. For instance, a traveler can find free Hawaii travel guides or free European travel guides if he or she wishes to travel to Hawaii or Europe. Free Europe travel guides are available in many languages and will help the traveler find his or her way around Europe.

There are many online and contests in newspapers. This may be a gamble but these contests are worth a try because if you win you may get an all-expenses-paid free travel experience.