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Does Sugaring Lead to Permanent Hair Removal?

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Due to the higher cost of waxing hair removal compared to shaving, a lot of people wonder if the results are permanent. The truth is, there is no definite answer to this question as the response will depend on various factors. One of the factors is your consistency in sugaring; after your first appointment, the aesthetician will give you a schedule for your oncoming appointments. If you can attend all your sessions, your results will be better compared to a person who’ll go for only one appointment and leave it at that.

After Your First Appointment

For most people, you’ll notice a reduction of unwanted hair after your first appointment. All the hairs in the growing phase will be removed from the roots and will take up to 3 weeks before growing back again. The hair that grows back after your appointment will be thinner which will make your next appointment faster and easier.

Consistency in sugaring

Just like waxing, sugaring needs consistency if you want a sustainable reduction in body hair. The aesthetician will be pulling off the hair in the growing phase every time you go for your appointment and missing an appointment will slow down the hair removal process.

As you go for more appointments, the hairs in your body will be fewer and less noticeable. With time, you may notice a permanent hair loss. The hair follicles will collapse, making it impossible to produce more hair. For others, however, you may still notice some few strands of hair which will be removed during your periodic appointment. The aesthetician will advise you on how often you should go for touch-ups based on the re-growth rate.


When checking the effectiveness of sugaring hair removal, you need to consider the immediate effect and long-term effects as well. Sugaring hair removal will leave your skin smoother and silky after your first session. You’ll be in a position to go for a holiday almost immediately after your treatment free from all hair.

Your hair will keep thinning out and getting lighter as you continue with the sugaring process and when you finally achieve your target, you will arrange for touch-ups that will be far spaced.

You should be careful with your choice of hair removal spa so that you don’t end up suffering from infections due to poor hygienic conditions. A top-rated spa where the person responsible for the hair removal is trained, experienced, and has your interests at heart is the best choice.  The aesthetician will also offer advice on the products you can use to make the effects of the hair removal last longer.

Though sugaring is pricier compared to waxing or shaving, the process is more comfortable and you have lesser chances of suffering from side effects at The process will also take less time as the paste does not require heating as wax does.

Sugar Waxing

You can book a sugaring appointment today regardless of your age as it is safe and effective for everyone. However, for children, the parent will need to sign a consent form before the process begins. Always remember that consistency is the key when it comes to the success of sugaring hair removal.  …